The included Power Y-Cable connects to the Base Unit via a Lemo plug (right) and feeds power from the L-series battery to monitor and, in this case, to a Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150M receiver via a 2-pin Lemo (left).  If you change to a different monitor/receiver combo, you need only change out the cable.



  • BASE UNIT featuring SIDE and TOP Arri-style rosette mounts
  • Locking L-SERIES battery plate (for Sony-style NP-F batteries)
  • Distribution circuitry with LEMO S-series ports
  • Direct power to RTMOTION controller via LPE6-style coupler
  • Universal MONITOR + RX MOUNT rosette plate
  • Anti-rotation pins for SmallHD monitors
  • Front NECK-STRAP PLATE with tactical-style swivel stud
  • Custom 1:2 POWER CABLE, specific to your setup

** $125 SAVING **

  • BASIC PACKAGE plus ...
  • Bi-Color LED ARM (Bright White and Tactical Red modes)
  • 5/8 BABY-PIN-ROSETTE adapter

** $250 SAVING **

  • Black Walnut ERGOCINE left handgrip
  • 2nd custom 1:2 POWER CABLE
  • 9" thin SDI cable

A resin prototype of the LED ARM (center) discretely attaches to the BASE UNIT, providing illumination when it matters but keeping out of the way of the controller's buttons and OLED display.

A working resin prototype of the 5/8 Baby-Pin-Rosette Adapter shown mounted to a light stand, with a SmallHD 702 Bright monitor and Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150M receiver.

Not just a monitor bracket ... a fully portable solution with power distribution and for your monitor, receiver and the Teradek RT controller.  The side rosette grip is positioned on the same axis as the focus knob, making for a balanced and comfortable carry.

Designed to be low-profile and light yet strong enough to support heavier rigs.  Shown here with a TVLogic VFM-058W monitor, Vaxis Storm 1000+ receiver and Anton Bauer NP-F976 battery.

Works with the SmallHD 502 monitor and Vaxis Storm 1000+ receiver.  The ergocine left grip has been narrowed in design from the one shown above, for better microforce knob accessibility.

Pull focus completely untethered with this universal monitor and wireless video receiver mount system for your TERADEK RT FIZ hand controller.

The system features a locking L-series battery plate that feeds power to your monitor/receiver combo via a POWER CABLE, custom assembled for your particular setup.  Power is also fed to the controller itself.

Mount a left grip to the SIDE ROSETTE, and comfortably support the rig in your hands.  Alternatively, use the included 5/8 BABY-PIN-ROSETTE adapter on a light stand for hands-free operating.

The TOP ROSETTE system allows you to position the monitor to your desired viewing angle.  The wireless video receiver also attaches here with a clear antenna-path to its transmitter.

The LED ARM can be attached on-the-fly and is switchable between BRIGHT WHITE and TACTICAL RED illumination modes, ideal for use on night shoots and dark sets.

And the newly added front NECK-STRAP plate features a tactical-style swivel stud so you can 'hook on' when the rig gets too heavy.

All parts are CNC'd from ALUMINUM 6061 and anodized type-III in satin black.  All screws and rosettes are stainless steel.  All LEMO connectors are authentic.  All machining and assembly in the USA.

Great for foolcontrol.  And with a long NATO rail, you can run the app right next to your monitor.

LED ARM   ...   $200 ea.   (included in STANDARD and DELUXE packages)
Attaches in seconds to the BASE UNIT via a LEMO plug and locking screw.  Ideal for use on night shoots or dark sets to illuminate the controller's focus marking disc and iris marking plate.  Switchable between a Bright-White and Tactical Red mode.

5/8 PIN-ROSETTE ADAPTER   ...   $125 ea.   (included in STANDARD and DELUXE packages)
Securely attaches to the BASE UNIT's side rosette mount and mounts to a standard 5/8 baby-pin found on typical light/C-stands.  This can also be used directly with the MONITOR + RX rosette plate as a purely wireless monitor option.

POWER CABLE   ...   $100 to $250 ea. depending on options
(included in BASIC and STANDARD packages; 2 included in the DELUXE package)

Available in 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4 splitter options.  Choose from mini-XLR4, LPE6 or L-series coupler, DC barrel (2.1 or 1.35mm), 5V-Female-USB or Voltage LED Display.  Use either as a backup, or specific to a different monitor/rx combo ... your choice.

ERGOCINE GRIP   ...   $160 ea.   (included in DELUXE package)
Carved from Black Walnut, perfectly shaped for a secure hold, this grip has been resized specifically for this system, allowing easy access to the RTMOTION's microforce zoom knob.

SDI CABLE   ...   $20 ea.   (included in DELUXE package)
Thin, flexible and lightweight profile with right-angle BNC's.

IPHONE HOLDER   ...   $10 ea.
Perfect when using foolcontrol app or Teradek's Serv Pro system.

    A resin prototype of the Neck-Strap plate featuring the tactical-style swivel mount.

    All parts are CNC machined from Aluminum 6061 and anodized type-III in satin black.

    The included LED arm is switchable between Bright White and Tactical Red illumination modes.

    Resin prototype of the 5/8 Baby-Pin-Rosette Adapter.

    The new slimmer ergocine grip, custom designed for this system.

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    I am interested in the following accessories
    Specify which connectors you need on the ends of each Power Cable, e.g. "cable 1: LPE6 coupler and 2-pin Lemo". If you are unsure, use the reference table below, or simply state the brand and model of your monitor and receiver. Along with the standard 1:2 splitter cable, 1:1, 1:3 and 1:4 versions are available upon request. 5V-Female-USB and Voltage LED Display terminations also available upon request.
    Other special requirements or questions

    Teradek Sidekick II (6.9W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Sidekick I (7.1W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 (8.5W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 (8.5W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt Pro 1000 (8.5W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt Pro 600 (8.5W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt Pro 500 (9W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt Pro 300 (8.2W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Teradek Bolt/Bolt Pro (6W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Paralinx Tomahawk-2 (2-pin Lemo)
    Paralinx Tomahawk (2-pin Lemo)
    Paralinx Dart (2-pin Lemo)
    Paralinx Ace (2-pin Lemo or 5.5/2.1mm barrel)
    Paralinx Arrow-X (2-pin Lemo)
    Paralinx Arrow/Arrow+ (10.5W, 3.5/1.35mm barrel)
    Vaxis Storm 1200 (6W, 4-pin Lemo)
    Vaxis Storm 1000+ (6W, 4-pin or 2-pin Lemo)
    Vaxis Storm 500 (7.5W, 4-pin Lemo)
    Cinegears Ghost-Eye 400M (6W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Cinegears Ghost-Eye 300M (6W, 4-pin Lemo)
    Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150M (6.5W, 2-pin Lemo)

    TVLogic VFM-055A (mini-XLR4 or L-series)
    TVLogic VFM-058W (8.4W, mini-XLR4 or L-series w/ batt plate)
    TVLogic VFM-056WP (9.6W, mini-XLR4 or L-series w/ batt plate)
    SmallHD 703 UltraBright (13W, L-series w/ batt plate)
    SmallHD 702 OLED (11W, LPE6 or L-series)
    SmallHD 702 Bright (11W, LPE6 or L-series)
    SmallHD 702 Lite (7W, LPE6 or L-series)
    SmallHD 701 Lite (7W, LPE6 or L-series)
    SmallHD 503 UltraBright (13W, L-series w/ batt plate)
    SmallHD 502 (8W, LPE6)
    SmallHD 501 (6W, LPE6)
    SmallHD Focus (6W, L-series)
    SmallHD AC7 OLED (12W, 4-pin Hirose, 5.5/2.1 barrel or LPE6 w/ batt plate)
    SmallHD AC7 LCD (12W, 5.5/2.1 barrel or LPE6 w/ batt plate)
    Transvideo StarLiteHD5 (6W, 2-pin Lemo)
    Transvideo StarLiteRF (12W, 2-pin Lemo)

    * SmallHD DP7 monitors will need their rear LPE6 or L-series battery plate, as well as a paired battery in conjunction with this kit's power cable.